UK vs USA on Event Co-ordinators

I have been busy conducting a survey over the last few days with people from the USA and the UK, to see their different priorities and views when it comes to their weddings and use of a wedding co-ordinator.

Now, I asked 100 people from each country this question:

Are you using a wedding co-ordinator for your upcoming wedding?

The USA results were:

72 - Yes

21 - No

7- Unsure

The UK results were:

61 - No

21 - Unsure

18 - Yes

This got me thinking, why is it so popular in the USA but not so much here in the UK? So I asked the UK poll the reason why they wouldn't use a coordinator.

The main reasons were either cost, or that family members would pitch in and make sure everything was done on the day.

Fair enough.

But when asking the USA poll why they would be using a coordinator, there answer was nearly always, "because I want my guests to enjoy the day with me and I don't want the stress on my special day.

So, how can I convince people of the UK that by hiring a coordinator can not only relieve some stress from the bride and groom (or event host), but also ensures all the guests at the wedding or event can enjoy it to the maximum.

This is my mission. To educate, influence and convince the brides and grooms and event hosts out there, that an event coordinator and event staff is an absolute must have.

And. with so many different venues out there, I believe we could help people's venue choices move from hiring a fancy hotel and paying £20k and being limited to their menu, their staff and their way, to finding alternative venues for a fraction of the price, having everything exactly how you want it, but still having the most amazing service by hiring our staff at your venue.

Our event coordinators have been in the business for more than 15 years, have heaps of experience and will always go the extra mile. Our price is extremely reasonable, starts at only £150 for a half day.

We also have a large number of experienced hospitality staff on our books, all who have a minimum of 2 years experience, are professional, smart and friendly, and who could make your event extra special. Our hospitality staff hire starts at just £10 and hour, less than you would pay an agency, and as we have personally interviewed everyone on our books, we guarantee you wont be disappointed.

My next blog post will be about the differences, as we see them, between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator.