What makes us different from an agency?

A lot of people ask if we are an employment agency. We are not, and here I will tell you why we're not and the difference between us and an agency.

Firstly, and I think the most importantly, the biggest difference between us and an agency, is that we don't take commission, or any part of the staffs pay. With an agency, they will charge you £12 an hour for a member of staff but still the pay the staff minimum wage. We don't do that, the money we charge for staff goes directly to the staff. The only money we deduct is travel expenses as we provide travel.

Another difference is the staff on our books are all self employed, freelance staff. We have a staff forum where we post all of our jobs, and the staff choose which jobs they would like to do. Why is this beneficial? We think by doing this, we get staff that want to work, not have to work, they've chosen the job because its a job they want to do.

The coordinators we have, have all worked in the catering industry for more than 7 years. They have all managed restaurants and have all worked many events. They are there to manage the staff and ensure they work efficiently and effectively. If you hire from an agency, you wont get this. More often than not, the staff wont know what they need to do, and will need direction from the host. By having the coordinator, they do a brief with the host before the event and they will direct the staff throughout, so the host can enjoy the event with the other guests.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, and we always go the extra mile to ensure your event runs smoothly and professionally.

Book us for your next event, you wont be disappointed.