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Services We Offer

We are here to help and assist you on the day of your event.

  How little or how much we do, is down to the event organiser. 

We do a full briefing before your event so we know exactly what is required of us, what your event is all about and the plans for the day and you know what we will be there to do.

Some examples of how we can help could include, but are not limited to, helping to ensure the order of the day runs smoothly (we cannot guarantee to run to specific timescales as this isn’t always possible and can be out of our control, but we can help to ensure the order goes to plan), handing out canapes, drinks, cocktail reception, help in clearing away, taking jackets and being the port of call for guests and/or vendors so people don’t have to bother you.  If there are other things you would like us to do, we will always endeavour to assist.

We also offer staff services, which can be used with the co-ordinator or without. 

All the staff we have on our books have a minimum of 2 years experience within their field, have been personally interviewed by the owners, and many have actually worked for or with the owners in previous employment.

We also have a 'just for fun' blog covering event ideas, stories and articles so keep an eye on that for some inspiration and laughs.


Event Co-ordinator

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